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Sailing around the world is going to be tough, i'm sure I will experience extreme highs and lows...
To help me cope with the lows, please leave messages of support here. Hopefully when I read them they will give me the strength to step out onto the deck in stormy conditions and drive the boat a little harder to get home where we can get together and share a beer or two and i'll tell you tales of adventure from the high seas.

Please leave your messages as comments to this blog entry, Cheers James
1/7/2011 16:13:02

Times will be easy times will be tough but what will get you through is knowing that you have friends, family, (with you and watching you) and your lovely Mrs spurring you on through the whole adventure. We have been some places and I know that you have the determination to succeed and survive even in the extreme. When you return you will have changed..there is no question..but it will be for the better because that is what adventures are for. Aron and I will be tracking your progress and I have bought him a map to draw on your path.

10/7/2011 18:49:26

Hey James,
This is very exciting matey. Mum and Dad have kept me up-to-date with your preparation and Dad just told me you had a good leaving do on Saturday. Wish I could have been there to share a beer or 3. Well we'll just have to wait for your arrival in Oz where I'm planning to meet you. Gold Coast right? My friends here are talking about a trip to Byron Bay for Christmas which is convenient, I think it's just an hours drive from there. Mum mentioned that your Mrs and Jo will be here too? More importantly I wanted to say a massive good luck and safe voyage. I'll be keeping a close eye on your adventure, it's going to be epic! You are now officially the bravest and most determined person I know. I am super proud of you and I can safely say that my bro and folks feel exactly the same. So all the luck in the world James and make sure you keep us all posted when you can. Lots of love, Dave and Gem x

Steve Birch
10/8/2011 13:43:42

Well done Jim!

A fine comeback at the end there. I have to say I've become addicted to the race viewer, checking your progress several times a day. I've also got some of my fellow workers checking as well. They never fail to point out whenever you're pointing the wrong way! ;-)

Keep living the dream.

12/8/2011 09:09:26

Good luck with race 2. sail fast n safe. keep your sprits up and know we will all be following you avidly on the viewer.... we're all addicted.
Keep yourselvs safe

14/8/2011 16:43:13

well done 1st race good 8th good luck as head to rio. sounds like your happy crew stay that way have fun. keeping up with you on viewer every three hrs .keep safe and well love sheila bex

24/8/2011 16:19:49

Jim, is there no end to your talent?! To think you'd end up on Baywatch, The Hoff would be proud! Keep up the good work but try and resist sailing the boat in slow motion to the theme tune or else you'll never get to the finish!
Take care of you and the gang, Sel.

25/8/2011 09:15:48

Hi Jim

Hope you're having a fantastic (if exhausting) time. We're keeping an eye on your progress - looking good :)

Keep safe
Amanda and Cory and the boys x

Sam Jones
26/8/2011 12:02:36

Hey jim its me from karate ! How you doing? Carnt wait till you get back, Hope your still going to go karate! I managed to get to brown belt black tag and i can help u get there too if u decided to come back. lots of love Sam and Debbie.

P/S Good luck on your trip and have fun!

3/9/2011 16:31:18

HEY James well done 6th Qingdao your doing great.Keep it up have lovely time with Julia in Rio.look forward to hearing from you love you lots xxxxxx

4/9/2011 02:49:08

Hi Big Bro.
Congrats on 6th place. pulling it out of the bag and stealing a place last min is becoming a bit of an M O for you guys. keep it up.
Have a great time in Rio with Julia. It looks like an amazing City.
Rest, relax and regroup then lead the fleet all the way to Cape Town.

4/9/2011 04:43:39

Hey Jim!!

Good work on 6th place - it was all very tense there for a moment - well in 3 hour intervals at any rate :) Even got Paul checking in on his I Phone!!

Have a fab time in Rio ( now I'm jelaous)!

Lots of love
Bex xxx

4/9/2011 13:31:44

nail biting finish on run down to rio brilliant sailing enjoy rio best wishes to you all on qingdao keep up the good work big hug dad x

Sue and gang
4/9/2011 16:21:24

Hi James! You must be living the dream! Looks like you are having an amazing adventure...congratulations! All I hope is that there are no 'rock lollys' and if so....DO NOT PUT IN THE MOUTH ALL AT ONCE!!!!! Take-care....so proud of you! Sue x

10/9/2011 10:57:08

just ready for off here wishing the wind at your back and a safe passage to Capetown and table mountain i know you are going to make your own luck love to all on the dragon dad

11/9/2011 19:26:19

hey James.
Looks like you guys are doing really well and made great progress out of Rio. Steaming down the left flank, Shane Williams esc. Wales missed out by 1 point to SA last night. I'm sure you've had a chance to read about it. It was a hard game to watch and Wales fully deserved to come away with 5 points. Gutted. They looked like they could turn over some big teams tho, so that's good news. Looks like your epic world adventure is going super well. Great finish into Rio. All the best on your next leg leg to Cape Town. We'll all be watching your progress. I want a top 3 finish this time old bean. Laters, Dave.

13/9/2011 16:34:58

Hi Jim,
Haven't seen you since Uni but its brilliant seeing you taking on such an amazing challenge. Wishing you all the luck in the world and hope you stay safe. I had so many fun times with you I am sure you will be a brilliant crew member keeping everyone's spirits up !
Carmel xx

20/9/2011 16:05:47

Hi doctor Jim well done.thinking of you in that foul weather.keep happy love.you'v done really well last 2 days to bounce back keep going. may the wind's blow in you favor sheila xxxx

22/9/2011 05:10:57

Hi james just looked your back to 5th place GO GO GO Qingdao you can do it.Love ya lots xxx

29/9/2011 10:43:06

well don James i thought you were going to catch derry tight finish have a good time in cape town love dad xx

3/10/2011 12:49:25

Hi there Jim,
Hope you're having a great time in Cape Town. Nice pic of a penguin you sent me.
Safe sailing to Geralton and have a very happy birthday on the way. Im sure everyone back home will have a drink for ya.
love ya xx

4/10/2011 15:21:27

hi James nearly time for off again so we are all wishing for the right winds to carry you on your way a happy birthday and a great time on the next leg to Geralton best wishes to all on board thinking of you allways love dad xx

5/10/2011 08:11:17

this will be a birthday like you'v never had hope the wind blow's you all the way to Geralton and make it Qingdao race. good luck love xxx

Darren. Aka handsome Darren
17/10/2011 21:13:29

hello cuddles. Been watching your progress stunned you have and continue to impress me read your bio but thought I'd got the wrong one. It said you studied at uni? I musta missed that I thought you were on a liver suicide pact with me.
But highly inspirational. I feel I should end on some nautical term so um yeah don't get wet and catch a cold um jim lad arreghhh. Pirates of the caribean sorry

20/10/2011 16:35:20

Hi James

I think it must be your birthday by now where you are. Happy birthday. Have a great day, it must surely be different to any other you have had so far. You certainly know how to keep us on edge. What was all that about icebergs? I associate them with the north, I am not going to mention the name of that boat!!You know I am thinking of you all the time and wishing you well.Take care. Love you and will celebrate when you are home. Lots of love Aunty M xxxx

20/10/2011 16:50:07

Hi - have posted your website on an international sailing ezine hope thats OK - if not smack me when we get to meet in GC.
Looking forward to being on board with you for L5

Aunty Marcia
23/10/2011 11:30:38

Hi James

You are swapping places with others. You are not doing anything for my nails at the moment. But as Sheila put it
GO GO GO Mighty Q You can do it.
Love you lots am sending you lots of hugs.

Aunty M xxxx

25/10/2011 16:17:13

Hi James glad you had good birthday.And you are all safe an well.keep pushing 0n you can do it Go Qingdao xxxx

Marcia Dyke
31/10/2011 16:20:08

Hi James

Guess it must be a relief to be going at speed to Oz but frustrating at not having completed properly. Have a great time and hope the warmer weather is to your liking.

Lots of love Aunty Marcia xxx

3/11/2011 02:53:18

Congrats getting to Geraldton. hope you've got your packages. from reading the diaries and blogs it seems to have been quite the adventure with many highs and lows. just remember that you came through it all with a big grin on your face. your birthday pic is great.
not long untill you will be seeing mysekf and Julia in person. looking forward to it.
Keep your chin up and sail safe. xxxx

6/11/2011 02:36:41

Well done James hope u enjoyed your stay in Geraldton,good luck with leg 4, we will be following u all the way 2 Tauranga.Take care and God speed. love K&Ken xx

Aunty M
6/11/2011 11:20:29

Hi James
Sorry I am a bit late but have a great journey to New Zealand and on to Gold Coast. I am sure Jo & Julia must be counting down the days now.
Stay safe but speed ye well.
All my love
Aunty M

26/11/2011 15:28:24

Hi James in at last.well done to you all.better luck next race.keep going and enjoying the dream love you lots.

4/12/2011 10:00:09

Hi James great to see and speak to you other day . hope you have better luck this race.I know Jo n Julia carn't wait to see you in G COAST so get going love you lot's

1/1/2012 03:00:35

Happy new year James hope you are well and enjoying yourself keep safe all our love Kath and shaun x x

3/1/2012 05:02:17

Hi James how you doing.Bet your looking forward to getting back on Qingdao? doing well .Hope your back getting better . my email sheilarichardson95@gmail.com and phone no 07850242592 .hope to speak soon love ya lot's

Aunty M
5/1/2012 10:35:50

Hi James hope you continue to make good progress and will be able to rejoin at Batan prior to Singapore. Mighty Q doing pretty well at the moment. Lets hope it continues. Love you loads. Take care. Speak soon


Well done, I just read that your team is in the lead . .is that correct?

Great stuff mate!

Andy B
8/1/2012 17:41:37

Hi James.2nd place I see at the mo.Keep pushing.Enjoying your blog-the wildlife you've seen.!!Your photos are great.The cycling is going well at this end btw.Good luck into Singapore-proud of you.

Dave & Jen
14/2/2012 13:38:19

Yo Jim, hope you're ok out there? We've been reading your updates to see how you'er getting on & it sounds tough but very exciting at the same time.
Just thought we should let you know that we got engaged last week so really can't wait to see you so we can all share our exciting stories.
See you soon & good luck, Dave & Jen x

12/4/2012 15:33:51

Hope you've had a good time n a good rest in SF. Good luck to you n the crew for your leg to Panamar n onto NYC. Will be following you all the way.
Jo xxx


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