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Well, Less than 1,000nm to Geraldton, Hooray!!! This crossing has been challenging to say the least but we can ill afford to let our guard down now! We are as well placed as any boat to be challenging for a podium place on this race, so serious sailing is back on the agenda! The Challenge ahead is to get through the high pressure system that is surrounding us and turn our current 5th place into 3rd or better. Yorkshire and New York are our immediate targets 15nm and 30nm respectively. That would give us our coveted third spot but with Gold Coast and DLL also struggling with the light air and GC being quite away south, who knows? It will all come down to who can make the most of the wind available and a lot of luck!!

Today also bought one of the most amazing encounters of the race yet! I was on mother watch this morning, busy making bread (a cheeky sun dried tomato, herb and garlic number to go with our pasta lunch) when I heard the cry "WHALE" from on deck. Faster than a speeding bullet, I had my life jacket on and was on deck to see a whale breach less than 10m from our boat! I was blown away (as was the rest of the crew) to see one this close. Then it got better, another one, but smaller.... a calf! To see a mother and calf (i think Southern Right Whales) has to be one of the wildlife heights of my life, certainly this trip, and if you were wondering what other wildlife I have encountered here is a quick run down!

Flying Fish... At least two types. These amazing fish are breathtaking to see, especially as a shoal take flight to avoid being eaten by the Qingdao dragon!

Dolphins... We have seen these little devils loads, common and bottle nose I think, at first awe inspiring but  later to be known as harbingers of bad luck. They always seem to show up before a storm or we break something. But still seeing them always makes everyone giddy with excitement!

Albatross and other see birds... To see Giant wandering Albatross soaring above the boat effortlessly is a sight to be seen, together with other species of albatross, Storm Petrels, Prions and lots of unidentified birds, these have been our constant companions from dawn till dusk!

Pilot whales... A pod of pilot whales playing in our bow surf... I cant say more...humbling to see!

Bio luminescent plankton... Perhaps the most beautiful and enchanting thing to see as it is disturbed by our bow wave and wake. like a million glowing stars in the sea, I can not do them justice with my description. The best thing I can say... get out here and see it, its worth it!! (also when you pump salt water into the heads (loo) to flush it... Magic!)

Seals... Big old fur Seals all around Cape Town, even on the pontoon while we were in port and sleeping on my sails!!! well you know me and seals so lets move on!

And Finally....

Penguins... I was fortunate enough to see the wild penguins at Boulders Beach in Capetown but never expected to see  them swimming past our boat in the middle of the Southern Ocean! on three occasions now and each time one of the cutest things ever. Jo (my sister) you have just got to get
over the boat thing and see them, you will love it!

And the final natural wonder, one that we thought we might see at one stage, has, with equal disappointment and relief, avoided us..... ICEBERGS!

Well that's enough rambling for now, The rest of Ghostwatch are tucked up in bed after my wonderful curry and made from scratch Rice Pudding (I will wand a slot with James Martin on Saturday Kitchen when I get back!) and its time for me to get a shower and get some sleep before joining them at 7 for the final push! can we do it? keep tuned and we will do our best!!

K Ringe

Exciting stuff James (almost makes me wish i was there 2).Good luck with the rest of the trip 2 oz. We r with u all the way love k x


HI jim,
Sounds amazing. Totally wish i was there, just to see all the wildlife. not too sure they would like to see me hanging over the side of the boat looking green, though.
hope you,ve got some pics.
keep safe, xxx


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