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Well it is the morning after my mother watch (I'm lazy mother so I still have some time off!) I was so tired last night that it was shower, bed and went to sleep straight away. I slept through till breakfast when Terry woke me offering a bacon butty!... I was so tired i said no!! !!!! That's how tired I was, lunch soon though so my poor tummy does not have to go without for long!

We are still sailing (resumed racing) and are for the moment making reasonable progress 1527nm to go! We are off the Grand Banks heading north of the Flemish Cap,  to the north of us is a n area called Orphan Knoll.... Nice eh!

Well spirits are remarkably good on board despite how far we have still to go and how cold it is, just the thought of getting back on land is keeping us all going (well the things land offers anyway, food, showers and beer)

Well Off to get ready for 6 hours on watch BBBBBBBBBRRRRRR!!!!! and I will be in touch soon!

Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google


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    Its like Jim Kirk but without the star dates and I'm not the captain!

     Well here is where you can get to find out a little more about how I'm getting on in my quest for adventure.

    I aim to keep you posted on my training (both how I cope with learning to sail and how I am getting into shape for the race), How I am doing with regards to funding and how much money I have raised for good causes.

    I intend on this to be a journal of everything connected to this epic adventure, so at times it may be funny, sometimes full of grumbles and sometimes down right crazy! but I hope at all times it will reflect my experiences and feelings at the time.

    So watch this space!!!


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