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I think we are all feeling down at the moment as we have worked really hard, the consolation at the moment is that we are 1 mile ahead of Derry (who we want to beat for a few reasons) so we are not last! we hope we can hold on!

But the main thing is getting to NY, around 70 miles (12 hours if we are lucky! then we have about 6 hours of motoring into NY itself). Should still give us plenty of time to get stuff done before you arrive. speaking of arrival, it will be interesting to see if you get this email before I get phone signal! another race!!!

Well the news here is the wildlife has picked up even if the wind has not.
  We saw an Osprey flying around that kept trying to land on our mast. We had to scare it off as it would definitely break our wind instruments! Then yesterday we saw a flying fish leap out of the water (nothing unusual there) except after it leaped a massive Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish) these are large fish and absolutely stunning Blues, greens and yellows. We shouted Dave (who was eating his dinner) and he came up to have a fish, we then saw about 4 following the boat! Frantic fishing by Dave...hooked one! about half an hour of fighting on his land line Dave and Phil landed the 25 pound beast! the colours so vibrant in the water quickly fade after death, a truly sad visual of life and death, made me a little sad, as you know me and my fish combined with my soft streak. But as Dolphin fish is very good eating today I shall be putting all feeling except hunger aside and tucking in to fresh food on board with the rest of the crew!

Well thats about it for now. We are just doing our best to claw what we
  can back from the rave and head towards Pizza, pretzels, beer and liberty herself as quickly as possible!

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    Its like Jim Kirk but without the star dates and I'm not the captain!

     Well here is where you can get to find out a little more about how I'm getting on in my quest for adventure.

    I aim to keep you posted on my training (both how I cope with learning to sail and how I am getting into shape for the race), How I am doing with regards to funding and how much money I have raised for good causes.

    I intend on this to be a journal of everything connected to this epic adventure, so at times it may be funny, sometimes full of grumbles and sometimes down right crazy! but I hope at all times it will reflect my experiences and feelings at the time.

    So watch this space!!!


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